Conducting a Rapid Assessment on the Availability, Supply and Use of the Organic Fertilizers by the Smallholder Farmers in Rwanda

Duration : August to October 2022

With the financial support of the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), IMBARAGA is implementing the “Public Policy Information and Monitoring Advocacy (PPIMA)” project in two (2) districts of Rwanda, namely Gakenke and Ruhango districts.


The “PPIMA” project aims to promote an active interest of civil society organizations and Rwandan citizens in public policy matters. PPIMA seeks to help citizens to self-organize and acquire the skills they need to engage effectively in national and local policy formulation and implementation processes to ensure that policies work in the right way to provide improved services, especially for poor Rwandans.


Imbaraga Farmer Organizations has hired RCD to conduct a study that will generate evidence that supports advocacy work to influence Government subside and promotion of the production, supply and use of organic fertilizers. This research aims to inform policymakers and influence decisions at different levels of central and local government structures regarding the development of the organic agriculture sub-sector to improve its contribution to the national economy.

Specifically, the study is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Define the small scale farmer’s opportunities to access agriculture inputs;
  • Generate information that supports linkages of all stakeholders in the value chain;

Come up with an advocacy strategy for the production, supply and use of organic fertilizers.