Our Expertise

Our consulting services and projects development cover the entire scope of agriculture, food and nutrition security, environmental conservation and rural development including the various sectors and sub-sectors.

We offer following services:
RCID has a comprehensive portfolio of expertise in research, studies, consultancies and project development and management, extension services, technical and training services to public and private sector, farmer based organizations and civil society through the embedded administrative departments for socio-economic and policy analysis various researches, consultation, project implementation, project evaluation, developing communication material, conducting training and extension activities for the stakeholders as required through 5 divisions as follows:

Our expertise and services and practices

- Assessment, Evaluation, advisory services and mainstreaming of national agricultural and food and nutrition security policies and strategies and implementation frameworks. - Strategic Orientation for Farmers organization, cooperatives, CBOs and CSOs towards national development programmes; - Action research and advocacy for agricultural value chains, food and nutrition security and market access. - Institutional development and capacity building for agricultural and food security based organizations and local authorities
- Poverty, Vulnerability, and stunting modeling to support, project and Programme development. - Food and Nutrition Early Warning Technologies, Eradication of Malnutrition through established government and international programmes - Promote availability, access, consumption and stability for food, of diverse nutritious and safe foods; by supporting communities to build resilient livelihoods. - Capacity Building on processing, storage and preservation to retain nutritional value - Social protection for food and nutrition security; - Nutrition education at school and home gardens; - Behavior Change Communication practices for promotion of food and nutrition security. - Research based interventions in food and nutrition security.
- Environmental Education and Awareness - Mainstreaming gender in agriculture, climate change and environment and FLR Sector - Ecosystem, wildlife, forest, conservation and biodiversity - Environmental Impact Assessment for feasibility study, startup and mid-term agro-industries. - Climate change resilience - Development and implementation of agricultural programs for sustainability and resilience. - Integrated Water resources management and Irrigation - Climate Smart Agriculture(CSA) - Agro ecology practices, including Organic farming, bamboo Farming, renewable energy - Disaster Management
Focus areas of expertize: - Sustainable agricultural intensification - Integrated soil Fertility Management (ISFM) - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Revitalization and Strengthening of Agricultural extension systems - Farmers’ organizations strengthening; - Training Needs Assessment - Training and Capacity Building of service providers Training of Trainers (TOT) and rural communities; - Agriculture Technical Vocational Education Training (ATVET) - Capacity building of farmers, cooperatives, extension service providers &SMEs - Technology dissemination and Agricultural information services (Satellite, GIS, ICT, ROAM, Drones); - Strengthening Women and Youth in Agriculture. - Women empowering in agriculture and social economic development
Focus areas of expertize: Diversification of rural economies, Agriculture marketing, Agriculture Finance inclusion, Crop Post-harvest management, Agriculture and livestock insurance and Agricultural Value Chain analysis
- Crop Post-harvest management
- Inputs and outputs markets
- Agriculture and livestock insurance
- Agricultural Value Chain analysis