Strength the Rwanda National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS)

Duration:  November 2019 to June 2023

RCID contact person:  Jules Kazungu (Email:

Sponsor:  Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR) co-funded by DFID and Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI)

The Rwanda National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS)is being implemented through partnership with the private sector, with three insurance companies participating in this initial pilot phase; SONARWA, PRIME Insurance and Radiant Insurance. RCID Ltd has signed a MoU with SONARWA and RADIANT Rwandan insurances companies to support the services of the implementation of NAIS in Rwanda for a new 5 years (2019 to 2023) which will support government and non-government actors to integrate effective climate change adaptation and resilience into development and disaster risk reduction plans and programmes Rwanda.

The main tasks of RCID Ltd are:

  • Develop technologies that will help to mitigate against risks and losses incurred by farmers due to unpredictable natural disasters, pests and diseases that affect their livestock and crops.
  • Mobilize smallholder farmers to easily access financial services and ensure flow of credit to the agriculture sector.
  • Empower farmers since their activities to be insured by reputable insurance companies to manage risks and losses amongst the smallholder farmers.
  • Develop the digital database which will be a great asset in decision making both for the Government and the private sector of using crops insurance by support farmers to identify the crop cover, detect the presence of weeds, pests and diseases, droughts, floods, disaster that affect the growth of crops and its subsequent yield via UAV and satellite images and/or reduce their costs and compare the yield estimated from the UAV data with the existing yield estimating technology.