Who we are

RCID is a Rwanda based research, consultancy and project management firm registered with Rwanda Development Board (RDB), since May 2013. Regional Research Centre for Integrated Development (RCID) Ltd management structure is composed of the Board of Directors, a core management team comprising of a Managing Director, administrative and finance staff including Human Resource Manager and accountant, a pool of Consultants and researchers. The Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the Centre. The Managing Director is responsible for planning, executing and monitoring regular activities of the Centre and supervises research, publications and consultancy. The Managing Director is assisted by a technical team of heads of divisions (Socio-economic and policy analysis, Food and nutrition Security, Environment and Natural Resources, Research, extension and capacity building, Agri-business, markets and value chains) and a number of professional and support staff. Our consultants have extensive experience and information in Rwanda and Africa. The program manager supports the Managing Director to coordinate the divisions, consultancies, research and publications. On the technical side, the company trusts the dependable network of local, regional and international associate consultants in all disciplines in its areas of competence. RCID has a roster of various professionals and experts with dependable experience and expertise in, governance, food and nutrition security, environment and natural resource conservation, socio economic and agriculture activities.
At present full and part-time staff, excluding national and international level support personnel are engaged in various developmental activities of RCID.

Our reputation is based on providing reliable, objective, timely, and affordable services adapted to individual client needs.