Executive Board

RCID Ltd management structure is composed of the Board of Directors, a core management team comprising of a Director General, Managing Director, Operations Manager, program Manager, Consultants, researchers and an Accountant. The Director General of the Board is the Chief Executive of the Centre. A Managing Director is responsible for planning, executing and monitoring regular activities of the Centre. The Managing Director is assisted by heads of department and a number of professional and support staff. Our consultant’s environmentalists, agronomists, policy analysts and economists have a ready base of experience and information in the in Rwanda and Africa. On the technical side, the company relies on a network of local, regional and international associate consultants in all disciplines in its area of competence. RCID has a roster of various professionals and experts in multiple services in leadership, governance, agriculture, environment, socio economic and agriculture activities are utilized as and when necessary.

At present full and part-time staff, excluding national and international level support personnel are engaged in various developmental activities of RCID.

                                             ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE