Work with us

RCID Ltd has a core team of experts and its pool of associate consultants staffs has varied & extensive experiences working with different value chain players including input dealers; farmer based organizations, traders, processors, financial institutions, insurance companies, national and international organization as well as engaging the private sector to deepen investments in  agricultural and environment sector.

RCID expertise was drawn from working with various international institutions, Bilateral and multilateral funds, Public Institutions and Private Sector. RCID is interesting working and networking with private and other public and public and civil societies for bidding for project in key sectors of interventions. On the technical side, the company relies on a network of local, regional and international associate consultants in all disciplines in its area of competence.


RCID Ltd is involved in project development in central and eastern Africa region that promotes environmental protection and agriculture services  to  different beneficiaries including:

First:  youth ,women  and Vulnerable group;

Second: Public and private sector organizations, NGOs, CBOs, SMEs, farmers/cooperatives organizations and business communities engaged in agricultural value chain including (farmers, producers, traders, processors and customers)